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Goat Yoga (Spectra Yoga)

Goat Yoga (Spectra Yoga)


I’ve been wanting to try goat yoga for like two years, so to say I was excited for this is an understatement!

I took the outdoor goat yoga class put on by Spectra Yoga and was surrounded by the cutest little goats the entire time. The goats range from 5 days old to fully grown. They are legit running around everywhere - like jumping on your back and hopping on top of one another! Think parkour but goat edition.

It was honestly so hard to focus on the actual workout because the photo opportunities are endless. Sweat factor is low but laughs are guaranteed. Connor and I were literally laughing for an hour straight! Perfect date opportunity.

This is a family friendly yoga class (you can bring children 9+). Yoga is followed with petting time and photo opportunities with the cute little goats.  

Cost: $45/person

Sign up Here: http://spectrayoga.com/apps/mindbody/classes/105

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