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Top 10 Cafes to Work & Study in OC

Top 10 Cafes to Work & Study in OC


Our Cafe of the Day (#COTD) series has become one of our favorite excuses to try every coffee and Matcha in town. Here in OC, we are lucky to have an absurd amount of options and new ones popping up every day. From hole in the wall cafes, to swanky boutique shops that will break the bank, we have seen and spent our money at them all. Since I (Jacqs) am in school, I have not only been trying to find the best caffeinated beverage in town, but also the perfect atmosphere to study and be productive. Joanna bops around this list for her caffeine fix before work and when she out of office. This list contains our go-to cafes when we need to get shit done.

Haute Cakes - 17th St, Costa Mesa

  • Our Favorite Menu items: Avocado toast with berries + poached eggs, Mona’s Special (This is on secret menu - egg white scramble, toast + fruit), and their oatmeal is decadent AF

  • Only study here during non-brunch hours, otherwise this place is a mad house.

A Market - on PCH in Newport

  • Our Favorite Menu Items: Oatmeal and their yogurt/granola, almond raspberry muffin, avocado toast

  • Make sure to go to A Market and not the A Restaurant next door!

  • Great for To Go Orders

Kit Coffee

  • Our Favorite Menu Items: ABC Toast and Matcha Latte

Krisp Fresh Living - Irvine, near JW Airport

  • Our Favorite Menu Items: Lavender latte and green machine acai bowl

  • Lots of seating, but gets busy. Don’t be afraid to sit at the community table with a stranger!

Honor coffee roasters

  • Our favorite menu Items: Coffee with almond milk. They make the best/most flavorful coffee.

  • V simple and mellow vibes

  • Not tons of seating, but usually pretty empty (people walk around lido with their coffee)

Black Market Bakery - in Costa Mesa at the Camp

  • Our favorite Menu Items: Matcha Latte with Almond Milk + dreamy pastries

  • Gets pretty busy, but lots of seating options

Milk & Honey - in Costa Mesa at the Camp

  • Cute outdoor area to sit and read

Alta Coffee - Located on the Peninsula

  • Our Favorite Menu Items: Lavender latte and green machine acai bowl


  • Okay WE KNOW his is a fast chain, but honestly always a solid spot. Great for solo or to meet a group. There are tons of options for food/drink and the library vibes really help you focus. Plus they are usually pretty big, so you will always find a table!

  • Our Favorite Menu Items: Oatmeal with strawberries

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