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Our Ideal Sunday Ritual

Our Ideal Sunday Ritual

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We’re all about a productive, get shit done kind of Sunday - like one with no impending doom of the week ahead. Its basically a non negotiable for us to have a productive Sunday cuz it starts the week off strong and makes life a LOT easier.. Here is what a typical Sunday looks like for us to feel confident in taking on the week.

We wake up pretty early during the weekdays so weekend are our most previous days to sleep in. My only day of the week to do so, so maximizing my REM cycles

Try out a new breakfast spot / Cafe of the Day. One of our all times favorite things to do is trying out local spots and treat ourselves to an overpriced espresso and avocado toast.

Run any errands, like the ones we don’t have time for or dread doing during the week. Running errands on Sunday morning usually take way less time than if we were to do it after work during the week, thus, making them less dreadful.

We always deep clean the house on Sundays because starting the week with a clean space for a clean mind. Last thing you want to do Monday after work is come home and do the laundry!

We love heading to TJ’s or Whole foods to go grocery shopping for the week. That way we can cook a health and delish meal to conclude the weekend and get a head start on meal prep for the week.

Do something active in the afternoon. We mix it up and either do a low intensity studio workout or just doing something outside (bike, walk, run). Sundays are usually our active rest days.

It’s impossible for us to feel confident in the week ahead without planning and scheduling in advance. We write out everything in my planner, schedule workouts with one another, and make sure my outfit is laid out for Monday

Don’t forget to make time for the people you love and call the fam! It takes 10 minutes to call a family member, SO or close friend. It makes all the difference.

To finish off our Sundays we most importantly, RELAX. We’re talking shower (wash my hair on Sundays/Thursdays only), face mask, PJ’s and some major veggie-ing out on T.V. Lately, we’ve been watching Big Little Lies!

Of course, there is an occasional bottomless mimosa brunch in the mix, but we try to do what we can to keep our routine and make sure we’re feeling confident in the week ahead.

Keep it Sweaty,

Jo + Jacqs

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